7 CFR § 760.641 - Adjustments made to NAMP to reflect loss of quality.

§ 760.641 Adjustments made to NAMP to reflect loss of quality.

(a) The Deputy Administrator will authorize FSA county committees, with FSA State committee concurrence, to adjust NAMP for a county or part of a county:

(1) To reflect the average quality discounts applied to the local or regional market price of a crop due to a reduction in the intrinsic characteristics of the production resulting from adverse weather, as determined annually by the State office of the FSA; or

(2) To account for a crop for which the value is reduced due to excess moisture resulting from a disaster related condition.

(3) For adjustments specified in paragraphs (a)(1) and (a)(2) of this section, an adjustment factor that represents the regional or local price received for the crop in the county will be calculated by the FSA State committee. The adjustment factor will be based on the average actual market price compared to NAMP.

(b) For adjustments made under paragraph (a) of this section, participants must provide verifiable evidence of actual or appraised production, clearly indicating an average loss of value caused by poor quality or excessive moisture that meets or exceeds the quality adjustment for the county or part of a county established in paragraph (a)(3) of this section to be eligible to receive the quality-adjusted NAMP as part of their SURE payment calculation. In order to be considered at all for the purpose of quality adjustments, the verifiable evidence of production must itself detail the extent of the quality loss for a specific quantity. With regard to test evidence, in addition to meeting all the requirements of this section, tests must have been completed by January 1 of the year following harvest.