7 CFR § 760.707 - Proof of loss.

§ 760.707 Proof of loss.

(a) All certifications, applications, and documentation are subject to spot check and verification by FSA. Producers must submit documentation to FSA if and when FSA requests documentation to substantiate any certified application.

(b) Producers are responsible for retaining or providing, when required, verifiable or reliable production or loss records available for the crop. Producers are also responsible for summarizing all the production or loss evidence and providing the information in a manner that can be understood by the county committee.

(c) Any producer receiving payment under this subpart agrees to maintain any books, records, and accounts supporting any information or certification made according to this part for 3 years after the end of the year following application.

(d) Producers receiving payments or any other person who furnishes such information to FSA must permit FSA or authorized representatives of USDA and the General Accounting Office during regular business hours to inspect, examine, and to allow such persons to make copies of such books, records or other items for the purpose of confirming the accuracy of the information provided by the producer.