7 CFR § 760.805 - Limitations on payments and other benefits.

§ 760.805 Limitations on payments and other benefits.

(a) A participant may receive benefits for crop losses for only one of the 2005, 2006, or 2007 crop years as specified under this part.

(b) Payments will not be made under this part for grazing losses.

(c) Payments determined to be issued are considered due and payable not later than 60 days after a participant's application is completed with all information necessary for FSA to determine producer eligibility for benefits.

(d) FSA may divide and classify crops based on loss susceptibility, yield, and other factors.

(e) No person, as defined by part 1400 subpart B of this title, may receive more than a total of $80,000 in disaster benefits under this part. In applying the $80,000 per person payment limitation, regardless of whether 2005, 2006, or 2007 crop year benefits are at issue or sought, the most restrictive “person” determination for the participant in the years 2005, 2006, and 2007, will be used to limit benefits.

(f) No participant may receive disaster benefits under this part in an amount that exceeds 95 percent of the value of the expected production for the relevant period as determined by FSA. Accordingly, the sum of the value of the crop not lost, if any; the disaster payment received under this part; and any crop insurance payment or payments received under the NAP for losses to the same crop, cannot exceed 95 percent of what the crop's value would have been if there had been no loss.

(g) An individual or entity whose adjusted gross income is in excess of $2.5 million, as defined by and determined under part 1400 subpart G of this title, is not eligible to receive disaster benefits under this part.

(h) Any participant in a county eligible for either of the following programs must complete a duplicate benefits certification. If the participant received a payment authorized by either of the following, the amount of that payment will be reduced from the calculated 2005-2007 CDP payment:

(1) The Hurricane Indemnity Program (subpart B of this part);

(2) The Hurricane Disaster Programs (subparts D, E, F, and G of part 1416 of this title);

(3) The 2005 Louisiana Sugarcane Hurricane Disaster Assistance Program; or

(4) The 2005 Crop Florida Sugarcane Disaster Program.