7 CFR § 760.907 - Application process.

§ 760.907 Application process.

(a) To apply for 2005-2007 LIP, submit a completed application to the administrative county FSA office that maintains the farm records for your agricultural operation, a copy of your grower contract, if you are a contract grower, and other supporting documents required for determining your eligibility as an applicant. Supporting documents must show:

(1) Evidence of loss,

(2) Current physical location of livestock in inventory, and

(3) Physical location of claimed livestock at the time of death.

(b) The application must be filed during the application period announced by the Deputy Administrator.

(c) A minor child is eligible to apply for program benefits if all eligibility requirements are met and one of the following conditions exists:

(1) The right of majority has been conferred upon the minor by court proceedings or statute;

(2) A guardian has been appointed to manage the minor's property, and the applicable program documents are executed by the guardian; or

(3) A bond is furnished under which a surety guarantees any loss incurred for which the minor would be liable had the minor been an adult.

(d) The participant must provide adequate proof that the death of the eligible livestock occurred in an eligible county as a direct result of an eligible disaster event during the applicable disaster period. The quantity and kind of livestock that died as a direct result of the eligible disaster event may be documented by: purchase records; veterinarian records; bank or other loan papers; rendering truck receipts; Federal Emergency Management Agency records; National Guard records; written contracts; production records; Internal Revenue Service records; property tax records; private insurance documents; and other similar verifiable documents as determined by FSA.

(e) Certification of livestock deaths by third parties may be accepted only if both the following conditions are met:

(1) The livestock owner or livestock contract grower, as applicable, certifies in writing:

(i) That there is no other documentation of death available;

(ii) The number of livestock, by category determined by FSA, were in inventory at the time the applicable disaster event occurred; and

(iii) Other details required for FSA to determine the certification acceptable; and

(2) The third party provides their telephone number, address, and a written statement containing:

(i) Specific details about their knowledge of the livestock deaths;

(ii) Their affiliation with the livestock owner;

(iii) The accuracy of the deaths claimed by the livestock owner; and

(iv) Other details required by FSA to determine the certification acceptable.

(f) Data furnished by the participant will be used to determine eligibility for program benefits. Furnishing the data is voluntary; however, without all required data program benefits will not be approved or provided.