7 CFR § 798.6 - Fees.

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§ 798.6 Fees.

This schedule supplements the fee schedule in 7 CFR, part 1, subpart A, appendix A and sets forth the fees to be charged by FSA for providing copies of records, materials, and services not covered in appendix A:

(a) Records, materials and services furnished without cost.

(1) One copy each of related directives, or blank forms required by FSA for program participation, if requester is a program participant.

(2) List of names and addresses of county and/or community committee members, and names of county employees in the county.

(3) One copy of an investigation report furnished to an appellant for a program appeal.

(b) Records, materials and services for which fees are charged.

(1) National handbooks. Three dollars for the first copy. One dollar for each additional copy. (The term “copy” includes all national amendments to date. They will be furnished separately for the requester to assemble).

(2) Field supplementation to national handbooks. Five cents per page, not to exceed $3, for each supplement.

(3) Computerized records. The requester shall furnish the necessary reels when computerized records are furnished on magnetic tape.