7 CFR § 799.34 - Establishing and revising categorical exclusions.

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§ 799.34 Establishing and revising categorical exclusions.

(a) As part of the process to establish a new categorical exclusion, FSA will consider all relevant information, including the following:

(1) Completed FSA NEPA documents;

(2) Other Federal agency NEPA documents on proposed actions that could be considered similar to the categorical exclusion being considered;

(3) Results of impact demonstration or pilot projects;

(4) Information from professional staff, expert opinions, and scientific analyses; and

(5) The experiences of FSA, private, and public parties that have taken similar actions.

(b) FSA will consult with CEQ and appropriate Federal agencies while developing or modifying a categorical exclusion.

(c) Before establishing a new final categorical exclusion, FSA will follow the CEQ specified process for establishing Categorical Exclusions, including consultation with CEQ and an opportunity for public review and comment as required by 40 CFR 1507.3.

(d) FSA will maintain an administrative record that includes the supporting information and findings used in establishing a categorical exclusion.

(e) FSA will periodically review its categorical exclusions to identify and revise exclusions that no longer effectively reflect environmental circumstances or current FSA program scope.

(f) FSA will use the same process specified in this section and the results of its periodic reviews to revise a categorical exclusion or remove a categorical exclusion.

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