7 CFR § 799.43 - Tiering.

§ 799.43 Tiering.

(a) As specified in 40 CFR 1508.28, tiering is a process of covering general environmental review in a broad PEA, followed by subsequent narrower scope analysis to address specific proposed actions, action stages, or sites. FSA will use tiering when FSA prepares a broad PEA and subsequently prepares a site-specific ESW, EA, or PEA for a proposed action included within the program addressed in the original, broad PEA.

(b) When FSA uses tiering in a broad PEA, the subsequent ESW, EA, or PEA will:

(1) Summarize the issues discussed in the broader statement;

(2) Incorporate by reference the discussions from the broader statement and the conclusions carried forward into the subsequent tiered analysis and documentation; and

(3) State where the PEA document is available.

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