7 CFR § 799.59 - Record of Decision.

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§ 799.59 Record of Decision.

(a) FSA will issue a Record of Decision (ROD) within the time periods specified in 40 CFR 1506.10(b) but no sooner than 30 days after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's publication of the NOA of the final EIS. The ROD will:

(1) State the decision reached;

(2) Identify all alternatives considered by FSA in reaching its decision, specifying the alternative or alternatives considered to be environmentally preferable;

(3) Identify and discuss all factors, including any essential considerations of national policy, which were considered by FSA in making its decision, and state how those considerations entered into its decision; and

(4) State whether all practicable means to avoid or minimize environmental harm from the alternative selected have been adopted and, if not, explain why these mitigation measures were not adopted. A monitoring and enforcement program will be adopted and summarized where applicable for any mitigation.

(b) FSA will distribute the ROD to all parties who request it.

(c) FSA will publish the ROD or a notice of availability of the ROD in the Federal Register.

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