7 CFR § 906.40 - Issuance of regulations.

§ 906.40 Issuance of regulations.

The Secretary shall limit the handling of fruit whenever he finds from the recommendation and information submitted by the committee, or from other available information, that such rgulation would tend to effectuate the declared policy of the act. Such regulations may:

(a) Limit the handling of particular grades, sizes, qualities, maturities, or packs of any or all varieties of fruit during a specified period or periods: Provided, That specific maturity requirements applicable to the handling of any variety may be prescribed under this section only in the event that appropriate maturity requirements for such variety are not in effect under State authority.

(b) Limit the handling of particular grades, sizes, qualities, or packs of fruit differently for different varieties, for different containers, for different purposes specified in § 906.42, or any combination of the foregoing, during any period.

(c) Limit the handling of fruit by establishing, in terms of grades, sizes, or both, minimum standards of quality and maturity.

(d) Fix the size, weight, capacity, dimensions, or pack of the container or containers which may be used in the packaging, transportation, sale, shipment, or other handling of fruit.

(e) Prohibit the handling (1) of any fruit which does not have marked on each container the grade or the registered grade label of the fruit contained therein; (2) of any grapefruit which does not have marked on each fruit the word Texas or other words implying Texas origin, except that the committee may recommend and the Secretary establish a tolerance for grapefruit in any container or lot not so marked; and (3) of any container fruit which is misbranded as to variety.

(f) No regulations may be issued under the provisions of this subpart which allots to individual handlers the quantity of fruit which each handler may ship during any regulation period.

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