7 CFR § 915.50 - Recommendations for regulation.

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§ 915.50 Recommendations for regulation.

(a) Whenever the committee deems it advisable to regulate the handling of any variety or varieties of avocados grown in District 1 or District 2 in the manner provided in § 915.51, it shall so recommend to the Secretary.

(b) In arriving at its recommendations pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, the committee shall give consideration to such of the following factors as may be applicable:

(1) The estimated total production and shipments of each variety of avocados, including avocados grown in other areas;

(2) The time of bloom and growing conditions during the development of the crop;

(3) The quality of the avocado crop;

(4) The anticipated demand for avocados; and

(5) Other available information having a bearing on the market for avocados with each recommendation for regulation the committee shall submit to the Secretary the data and information on which such recommendation is predicated, and such other available information as the Secretary may request.

(c) All meetings of the committee held for the purpose of formulating recommendations for regulations shall be open to growers and handlers. The committee shall give notice of such meetings to growers and handlers by mailing such notice to each grower and handler who has filed his address with the committee and requested such notice.

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