7 CFR § 97.3 - Plant Variety Protection Board.

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§ 97.3 Plant Variety Protection Board.

(a) The Plant Variety Protection Board shall consist of 14 members appointed for a 2-year term. The Board shall be appointed every 2 years and shall consist of individuals who are experts in various areas of varietal development. The membership of the Board, which shall include farmer representation, shall be drawn approximately equally from the private or seed industry sector and from the government or public sector. No member shall be eligible to act on any matter involving any appeal or questions under section 44 of the Act, in which the member or his or her employer has a direct financial interest.

(b) The functions of the Board are to:

(1) Advise the Secretary concerning adoption of rules and regulations to facilitate the proper administration of the Act;

(2) Make advisory decisions on all appeals from the examiner or Commissioner;

(3) Advise the Secretary on the declaration of a protected variety open to use in the public interest; and

(4) Advise the Secretary on any other matters under the regulations in this part.

(c) The proceedings of the Board shall be conducted in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, Administrative Regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (7 CFR part 25), and such additional operating procedures as are adopted by members of the Board.

[58 FR 42435, Aug. 9, 1993, as amended at 61 FR 248, Jan. 4, 1996]