7 CFR § 981.473 - Redetermination reports.

§ 981.473 Redetermination reports.

Each handler shall furnish for use by the Board in redetermination of the kernel weight of almonds received for his own account and for marketing policy considerations, the information listed and described in this section. Such information shall be reported within the applicable times specified in § 981.73 on forms provided by the Board.

(a) Handler carryover. Report the weight of all almonds, whether unshelled or shelled, wherever located, held by the handler for the handler's own account, whether or not sold.

(b) Delivered sales. Report the weight of salable almonds sold and delivered (shipments), showing the weight, and whether unshelled or shelled, including those disposed of pursuant to the requirements for reserve disposition, or used in almond products.

(c) Transfers. A report of almonds transferred to another handler showing the weight of each lot transferred, whether unshelled or shelled.

(d) Remaining inedible obligation. Report the quantity of almonds the handler intends to deliver to Board approved outlets to meet the disposition obligation pursuant to § 981.42(a).

[42 FR 19322, Apr. 13, 1977, as amended at 42 FR 56488, Oct. 26, 1977; 58 FR 34696, June 29, 1993]