7 CFR § 985.41 - Assessments.

§ 985.41 Assessments.

(a) Requirements for payment. Each person who first handles salable oil shall pay to the Committee, upon demand, that handler's pro rata share of the expenses authorized by the Secretary for each marketing year. Each handler's pro rata share shall be the rate of assessment fixed by the Secretary times the quantity of oil which the handler handles as the first handler thereof. The payment of assessments for the maintenance and functioning of the Committee and for such purposes as the Secretary may, pursuant to this subpart, determine to be appropriate, may be required under this part throughout the period it is in effect, irrespective of whether particular provisions thereof are suspended or become inoperative.

(b) Rate of assessment. The Secretary shall fix the rate of assessment to be paid by each handler. At any time during or after the marketing year, the Secretary may increase the rate of assessment as necessary to cover authorized expenses. Such increase shall be applied to all oil handled during the applicable marketing year. In order to provide funds for the administration of this part before sufficient operating income is available from assessments, the Committee may accept advance assessments and may also borrow money for such purpose. Advance assessments received from a handler shall be credited toward assessments levied against the handler during the marketing year.