7 CFR § 985.50 - Marketing policy.

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§ 985.50 Marketing policy.

(a) The Committee shall meet on or before January 15 of each year to adopt a marketing policy for the ensuing marketing year or years. As soon as is practical following the meeting or meetings, the Committee shall submit to the Secretary recommendations for volume regulations deemed necessary to meet market requirements and establish orderly marketing conditions. Additional reports shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Committee subsequently adopts a new or revised policy because of changes in the demand and supply situation with respect to the various classes of oil.

(b) In determining such marketing policy, Committee consideration shall include but not be limited to:

(1) The estimated quantity of salable oil of each class held by producers and handlers;

(2) The estimated demand for each class of oil;

(3) Prospective production of each class of oil;

(4) Total of allotment bases of each class of oil for the current marketing year and the estimated total of allotment bases of each class for the ensuing marketing year;

(5) The quantity of reserve oil, by class, in storage;

(6) Producer prices of oil, including prices for each class of oil;

(7) General market conditions for each class of oil, including whether the estimated season average price to producers is likely to exceed parity.

(c) Notice of the marketing policy recommendations for a marketing year and any later changes shall be announced publicly by the Committee, and be submitted promptly to the Secretary and all producers and handlers. The Committee shall publicly announce its marketing policy or revision thereof and notice and contents thereof shall be submitted to producers and handlers by bulletins or through appropriate media.

(d) As soon as practicable following the effective date of this subpart and the organization of the Committee, the Committee may adopt a marketing policy for the 1980-81 marketing year.