7 CFR § 985.51 - Recommendations for volume regulation.

§ 985.51 Recommendations for volume regulation.

(a) If the Committee's marketing policy considerations indicate a need for limiting the quantity of oil of each class marketed, the Committee shall recommend to the Secretary a salable quantity and allotment percentage for the ensuing marketing year. Such recommendations shall be made prior to February 15, or such other date as the Committee, with the approval of the Secretary, may establish.

(b) At any time during the marketing year for which the Secretary, pursuant to § 985.52(a), has established a salable quantity and an allotment percentage for each class of oil, the Committee may recommend to the Secretary that such quantity be increased with an appropriate increase in the allotment percentage. Each such recommendation, together with the Committee's reason for such recommendation, shall be submitted promptly to the Secretary.

(c) As soon as practical following the effective date of this subpart and the organization of the Committee, the Committee may recommend a salable quantity for the 1980-81 marketing year.