7 CFR § 985.55 - Identification.

§ 985.55 Identification.

(a) Each producer shall, under supervision of the Committee, identify each class of oil within 15 days following its production, or such other period of time as is recommended by the Committee with the approval of the Secretary. Identification of oil shall be accomplished before its delivery either to a handler for handling as salable oil, or to the Committee or its designees for storage as excess oil.

(b) Identification shall indicate whether the oil is salable or excess oil and include the name of the producer, the class of oil, the net weight, the container number and such other information as may be required by the Committee.

(c) Identification shall be accomplished in accordance with rules and regulations established by the Committee with the approval of the Secretary.

(d) No handler shall handle as salable oil, and the Committee shall not receive as excess oil, any oil that has not been identified as provided in this section, and no person shall alter or remove any identification except when incidental to final disposition.