7 CFR Appendix B to Subpart B of Part 4280 - Technical Reports for Renewable Energy System (RES) Projects With Total Project Costs of Less Than $200,000, but More Than $80,000

Appendix B to Subpart B of Part 4280 - Technical Reports for Renewable Energy System (RES) Projects With Total Project Costs of Less Than $200,000, but More Than $80,000

Provide the information specified in Sections A through D for each technical report prepared under this appendix. A renewable energy site assessment may be used in lieu of Sections A through C if the renewable energy site assessment contains the information requested in Sections A through C. In such instances, the technical report would consist of Section D and the renewable energy site assessment.


If the total project cost for the RES project is $80,000 or less, this appendix does not apply. Instead, for such projects, please provide the information specified in ยง 4280.120 (b)(4).

Section A - Project Description. Provide a description of the project, including its intended purpose and a summary of how the project will be constructed and installed. Describe how the system meets the definition of commercially available. Identify the project's location and describe the project site.

Section B - Resource Assessment. Describe the quality and availability of the renewable resource to the project. Identify the amount of renewable energy generated that will be generated once the proposed project is operating at its steady state operating level. If applicable, also identify the percentage of energy being replaced by the system.

If the application is for a bioenergy project, provide documentation that demonstrates that any and all woody biomass feedstock from National Forest System land or public lands cannot be used as a higher value wood-based product.

Section C - Project Economic Assessment. Describe the projected financial performance of the proposed project. The description must address total project costs, energy savings, and revenues, including applicable investment and other production incentives accruing from Government entities. Revenues to be considered shall accrue from the sale of energy, offset or savings in energy costs, and byproducts. Provide an estimate of Simple Payback, including all calculations, documentation, and any assumptions.

Section D - Project Construction and Equipment Information. Describe how the design, engineering, testing, and monitoring are sufficient to demonstrate that the proposed project will meet its intended purpose, ensure public safety, and comply with applicable laws, regulations, agreements, permits, codes, and standards. Describe how all equipment required for the RES is available and able to be procured and delivered within the proposed project development schedule. In addition, present information regarding component warranties and the availability of spare parts.

Section E - Qualifications of Key Service Providers. Describe the key service providers, including the number of similar systems installed and/or manufactured previously, professional credentials, licenses, and relevant experience. When specific numbers are not available for similar systems, estimations will be acceptable.

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