8 CFR § 1003.8 - Fees before the Board.

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§ 1003.8 Fees before the Board.

(a) Appeals and motions before the Board -

(1) When a fee is required. Except as provided in paragraph (a)(2) of this section and 8 CFR 1208.4(d)(3), a filing fee prescribed in 8 CFR 1103.7, or a fee waiver request pursuant to paragraph (a)(3) of this section, is required in connection with the filing of an appeal, a motion to reopen, or a motion to reconsider before the Board.

(2) When a fee is not required. A filing fee is not required in the following instances:

(i) A custody bond appeal filed pursuant to § 1003.1(b)(7);

(ii) A motion to reopen that is based exclusively on an application for relief that does not require a fee;

(iii) A motion to reconsider that is based exclusively on a prior application for relief that did not require a fee;

(iv) A motion filed while an appeal, a motion to reopen, or a motion to reconsider is already pending before the Board;

(v) A motion requesting only a stay of removal, deportation, or exclusion;

(vi) Any appeal or motion filed by the Department of Homeland Security;

(vii) A motion that is agreed upon by all parties and is jointly filed; or

(viii) An appeal or motion filed under a law, regulation, or directive that specifically does not require a filing fee.

(3) When a fee may be waived. The Board has the discretion to waive a fee for an appeal, motion to reconsider, or motion to reopen upon a showing that the filing party is unable to pay the fee. Fee waivers shall be requested through the filing of a Fee Waiver Request (Form EOIR-26A), including the declaration to be signed under penalty of perjury substantiating the filing party's inability to pay the fee. The fee waiver request shall be filed along with the Notice of Appeal or the motion. If the fee waiver request does not establish the inability to pay the required fee, the appeal or motion will not be deemed properly filed, provided the Board grants 15 days to re-file the rejected document with the filing fee or new fee waiver request and tolls any applicable filing deadline during the 15-day cure period.

(4) Method of payment. When a fee is required for an appeal or motion, the fee shall accompany the appeal or motion.

(i) In general. Except as provided in paragraph (a)(4)(ii) of this section, the fee for filing an appeal or motion with the Board shall be paid by check, money order, or electronic payment in a manner and form authorized by the Executive Office for Immigration Review. When paid by check or money order, the fee shall be payable to the “United States Department of Justice,” drawn on a bank or other institution that is located within the United States, and payable in United States currency. The check or money order shall bear the full name and alien registration number of the alien. A payment that is uncollectible does not satisfy a fee requirement.

(ii) Appeals from Department of Homeland Security decisions. The fee for filing an appeal, within the jurisdiction of the Board, from the decision of a Department of Homeland Security officer shall be paid to the Department of Homeland Security in accordance with § 1103.7(b).

(b) Applications for relief. Fees for applications for relief are not collected by the Board, but instead are paid to the Department of Homeland Security in accordance with 8 CFR 103.7. When a motion before the Board is based upon an application for relief, only the fee for the motion to reopen shall be paid to the Board, and payment of the fee for the application for relief shall not accompany the motion. If the motion is granted and proceedings are remanded to the immigration judge, the application fee shall be paid in the manner specified in 8 CFR 1003.24(c)(1).

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