8 CFR § 1292.14 - Reporting, recordkeeping, and posting requirements for recognized organizations.

§ 1292.14 Reporting, recordkeeping, and posting requirements for recognized organizations.

(a) Duty to report changes. A recognized organization has a duty to promptly notify the Assistant Director for Policy (or the Assistant Director for Policy's delegate) in writing or electronically of changes in the organization's contact information, changes to any material information the organization provided in Form EOIR–31, Form EOIR–31A, or the documents submitted in support thereof, or changes that otherwise materially relate to the organization's eligibility for recognition or the eligibility for accreditation of any of the organization's accredited representatives. These changes may include alterations to: The organization's name, address, telephone number, Web site address, email address, or the designation of the authorized officer of the organization; an accredited representative's name or employment or volunteer status with the organization; and the organization's structure, including a merger of organizations that have already been individually accorded recognition, or a change in non-profit or Federal tax-exempt status.

(b) Recordkeeping. A recognized organization must compile each of the following records in a timely manner, and retain them for a period of six years from the date the record is created, as long as the organization remains recognized:

(1) The organization's immigration legal services fee schedule, if the organization charges any fees for immigration legal services, for each office or location where such services are provided; and

(2) An annual summary of immigration legal services provided by the organization, which includes: The total number of clients served (whether through client intakes, applications prepared and filed with DHS, cases in which its attorneys or accredited representatives appeared before the Immigration Courts or, if applicable, the Board, or referrals to attorneys or other organizations) and clients to whom it provided services at no cost; a general description of the immigration legal services and other immigration-related services (e.g., educational or outreach events) provided; a statement regarding whether services were provided pro bono or clients were charged in accordance with a fee schedule and organizational policies or guidance regarding fee waivers and reduced fees; and a list of the offices or locations where the immigration legal services were provided. The summary should not include any client-specific or client-identifying information. The Office of Policy may require the organization to submit such records to it or DHS upon request.

(c) Posting. The Assistant Director for Policy (or the Assistant Director for Policy's delegate) shall have the authority to issue public notices regarding recognition and accreditation and to require recognized organizations and accredited representatives to post such public notices. Information contained in the public notices shall be limited to: The names and validity periods of a recognized organization and its accredited representatives, the requirements for recognition and accreditation, and the means to complain about a recognized organization or accredited representative.

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