8 CFR § 223.1 - Purpose of documents.

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§ 223.1 Purpose of documents.

(a) Reentry permit. A reentry permit allows a permanent resident to apply for admission to the United States upon return from abroad during the period of the permit's validity without the necessity of obtaining a returning resident visa.

(b) Refugee travel document. A refugee travel document is issued pursuant to this part and article 28 of the United Nations Convention of July 29, 1951, for the purpose of travel. Except as provided in § 223.3(d)(2)(i), a person who holds refugee status pursuant to section 207 of the Act, or asylum status pursuant to section 208 of the Act, must have a refugee travel document to return to the United States after temporary travel abroad unless he or she is in possession of a valid advance parole document.

[59 FR 1464, Jan. 11, 1994, as amended at 62 FR 10352, Mar. 6, 1997]