8 CFR § 240.25 - Voluntary departure—authority of the Service.

§ 240.25 Voluntary departure—authority of the Service.

(a) Authorized officers. The authority contained in section 240B(a) of the Act to permit aliens to depart voluntarily from the United States may be exercised in lieu of being subject to proceedings under section 240 of the Act by district directors, assistant district directors for investigations, assistant district directors for examinations, officers in charge, chief patrol agents, the Deputy Executive Associate Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations, the Director of the Office of Juvenile Affairs, service center directors, and assistant service center directors for examinations.

(b) Conditions. The Service may attach to the granting of voluntary departure any conditions it deems necessary to ensure the alien's timely departure from the United States, including the posting of a bond, continued detention pending departure, and removal under safeguards. The alien shall be required to present to the Service, for inspection and photocopying, his or her passport or other travel documentation sufficient to assure lawful entry into the country to which the alien is departing. The Service may hold the passport or documentation for sufficient time to investigate its authenticity. A voluntary departure order permitting an alien to depart voluntarily shall inform the alien of the penalties under section 240B(d) of the Act.

(c) Decision. The authorized officer, in his or her discretion, shall specify the period of time permitted for voluntary departure, and may grant extensions thereof, except that the total period allowed, including any extensions, shall not exceed 120 days. Every decision regarding voluntary departure shall be communicated in writing on Form I–210, Notice of Action—Voluntary Departure. Voluntary departure may not be granted unless the alien requests such voluntary departure and agrees to its terms and conditions.

(d) Application. Any alien who believes himself or herself to be eligible for voluntary departure under this section may apply therefor at any office of the Service. After the commencement of removal proceedings, the application may be communicated through the Service counsel. If the Service agrees to voluntary departure after proceedings have commenced, it may either:

(1) Join in a motion to terminate the proceedings, and if the proceedings are terminated, grant voluntary departure; or

(2) Join in a motion asking the immigration judge to permit voluntary departure in accordance with § 240.26.

(e) Appeals. An appeal shall not lie from a denial of an application for voluntary departure under this section, but the denial shall be without prejudice to the alien's right to apply to the immigration judge for voluntary departure in accordance with § 240.26 or for relief from removal under any provision of law.

(f) Revocation. If, subsequent to the granting of an application for voluntary departure under this section, it is ascertained that the application should not have been granted, that grant may be revoked without advance notice by any officer authorized to grant voluntary departure under § 240.25(a). Such revocation shall be communicated in writing, citing the statutory basis for revocation. No appeal shall lie from revocation.

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