8 CFR § 244.12 - Employment authorization.

§ 244.12 Employment authorization.

(a) Upon approval of an application for Temporary Protected Status, USCIS shall grant an employment authorization document valid during the initial period of the foreign state's designation (and any extensions of such period).

(b) If the alien's Temporary Protected Status is withdrawn under § 244.14, employment authorization expires upon notice of withdrawal or on the date stated on the employment authorization document, whichever occurs later.

(c) If Temporary Protected Status is denied by USCIS, employment authorization shall terminate upon notice of denial or at the expiration of the employment authorization document, whichever occurs later.

(d) If the application is renewed or appealed in deportation or exclusion proceedings, or pending administrative appeal pursuant to § 244.18(b), employment authorization will be extended during the pendency of the renewal and/or appeal.

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