8 CFR § 244.15 - Travel abroad.

§ 244.15 Travel abroad.

(a) After the grant of Temporary Protected Status, the alien must remain continuously physically present in the United States under the provisions of section 244(c)(3)(B) of the Act. The grant of Temporary Protected Status shall not constitute permission to travel abroad. Permission to travel may be granted by the director pursuant to the Service's advance parole provisions. There is no appeal from a denial of advance parole.

(b) Failure to obtain advance parole prior to the alien's departure from the United States may result in the withdrawal of Temporary Protected Status and/or the institution or recalendering of deportation or exclusion proceedings against the alien.

[56 FR 619, Jan. 7, 1991, as amended at 56 FR 23498, May 22, 1991. Redesignated at 62 FR 10367, 10382, Mar. 6, 1997, as amended at 63 FR 63597, Nov. 16, 1998; 64 FR 4782, Feb. 1, 1999]

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