8 CFR § 287.9 - Criminal search warrant and firearms policies.

§ 287.9 Criminal search warrant and firearms policies.

(a) A search warrant should be obtained prior to conducting a search in a criminal investigation unless a specific exception to the warrant requirement is authorized by statute or recognized by the courts. Such exceptions may include, for example, the consent of the person to be searched, exigent circumstances, searches incident to a lawful arrest, and border searches. The Commissioner of CBP and the Assistant Secretary of ICE shall promulgate guidelines governing officers' conduct relating to search and seizure.

(b) In using a firearm, an immigration officer shall adhere to the standard of conduct set forth in 8 CFR 287.8(a)(2). An immigration officer may carry only firearms (whether Department issued or personally owned) that have been approved pursuant to guidelines promulgated by the Commissioner of CBP or the Assistant Secretary for ICE. These officials shall promulgate guidelines with respect to:

(1) Investigative procedures to be followed after a shooting incident involving an officer;

(2) Loss or theft of an approved firearm;

(3) Maintenance of records with respect to the issuance of firearms and ammunition; and

(4) Procedures for the proper care, storage, and maintenance of firearms, ammunition, and related equipment.

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