8 CFR § 338.1 - Execution and issuance of certificate.

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§ 338.1 Execution and issuance of certificate.

(a) Issuance. When an applicant for naturalization has taken and subscribed to the oath of allegiance in accordance with 8 CFR part 337, USCIS will issue a Certificate of Naturalization at the conclusion of the oath administration ceremony.

(b) Contents of certificate. The certificate must be issued to the applicant in accordance with section 338 of the Act in his or her true, full, and correct name as it exists at the time of the administration of the oath of allegiance. The certificate must show, under “country of former nationality,” the name of the applicant's last country of citizenship, as shown in the application and USCIS records, even though the applicant may be stateless at the time of admission to citizenship.

[76 FR 53803, Aug. 29, 2011]