9 CFR § 102.4 - U.S. Veterinary Biologics Establishment License.

§ 102.4 U.S. Veterinary Biologics Establishment License.

(a) Before a U.S. Veterinary Biologics Establishment License will be issued by the Administrator for any establishment, an inspection shall be made to determine whether the condition, equipment, facilities, and the like, of the establishment, and the methods used to prepare biological products are in conformity with the requirements in the regulations.

(b) A license shall not be issued unless:

(1) In the opinion of the Administrator, the condition of the establishment, including its facilities, and the methods of preparation of biological products are such as reasonably to assure that the products shall accomplish the purpose for which they are intended; and

(2) The Administrator is satisfied on the basis of information before him that:

(i) The establishment shall be operated in compliance with the Act and applicable regulations and be under the supervision of person(s) competent in the preparation of biological products; and

(ii) The applicant, or the person having the responsibility for producing biological products in the establishment, or both, is qualified by education and experience, and has demonstrated fitness to produce such products in compliance with the Act and regulations issued pursuant thereto; Provided, That, previous violations of the Act, or such regulations or both shall be relevant to the Administrator's determination of fitness.

(3) Written assurance is filed with Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service that the biological products which are licensed to be prepared therein shall not be so advertised as to mislead or deceive the purchasers and that the packages or containers in which the same are to be marketed shall not bear any statement, design, or device which is false or misleading in any particular.

(c) U.S. Veterinary Biologics Establishment Licenses shall be numbered.

(d) Two or more licenses may bear the same number when they are issued for establishments under the same ownership or control, provided a serial letter is added to one or more to identify each license and the product produced thereunder.

(e) When a U.S. Veterinary Biologics Establishment License is issued for an establishment, it shall not apply to more than one person at the same location, except that subsidiaries of the licensee, when named in the license, may operate thereunder at the establishment named. The licensee with its subsidiaries will be held responsible for all operations conducted in the licensed establishment.

(f) When a licensee no longer holds at least one unexpired, unsuspended, or unrevoked product license authorizing the preparation of a biological product, or is in the process of obtaining a product license, the establishment license shall no longer be valid and shall be returned to the Administrator. In the case where an establishment license expires or is suspended or revoked, any product license authorizing preparation of a product at such establishment shall be invalid indefinitely or for as long as the suspension is in effect.

(g) Any license issued under this part to establishments in which biological products are prepared shall be issued on condition that the licensee permit the inspection of such establishments, products, product preparation, and all relevant records as provided in part 115 of this subchapter. Failure to permit inspection may result in the license being suspended or revoked.

(h) The provisions of paragraph (b) of this section shall also be applicable to, and be considered by, the Administrator in connection with each application for an additional product license.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0013)
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