9 CFR 118.4 - Seizure and condemnation.

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§ 118.4 Seizure and condemnation.

Any biological product which is prepared, sold, bartered, exchanged, or shipped in violation of the Act or regulations shall be liable to be proceeded against and seized and condemned, at any time, on a libel of information in any United States district court or other proper court within the jurisdiction of which the product is found. If the product is condemned, it shall, after entry of the decree, be disposed of by destruction or sale as the court may direct, and the proceeds, if sold, less the court costs and fees, and storage and other proper expenses, shall be paid into the Treasury of the United States, but the product shall not be sold contrary to the provisions of the Act or the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is sold; Provided, That, upon the execution and delivery of a good and sufficient bond conditioned that the product shall not be sold or otherwise disposed of contrary to the provisions of the Act or the laws or jurisdiction in which disposal is made, the court may direct that such product be delivered to the owner thereof subject to such supervision by authorized representatives of the Administrator as is necessary to ensure compliance with the applicable laws. When a decree of condemnation is entered against the product and it is released under bond, or destroyed, court costs and fees, and storage and other proper expenses shall be awarded against the person, if any, intervening as claimant of the product. The proceedings in such libel cases shall conform, as nearly as may be practicable, to the proceedings in admiralty, except that either party may demand trial by jury of any issue of fact joined in any case, and all such proceedings shall be at the suit of and in the name of the United States.

[ 52 FR 30135, Aug. 13, 1987, as amended at 56 FR 66784, Dec. 26, 1991]
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