9 CFR 145.10 - Terminology and classification; flocks, products, and States.

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§ 145.10 Terminology and classification; flocks, products, and States.

Participating flocks, products produced from them, and States that have met the requirements of a classification in this part may be designated by the corresponding illustrative design in this section.

(a) [Reserved]

(b) U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean. (See § 145.23(b), § 145.33(b), § 145.43(b), §§ 145.53(b), 145.63(a), 145.73(b), 145.83(b), and 145.93(b).)

(c) U.S. M. Gallisepticum Clean. (See §§ 145.23(c), 145.23(f), 145.33(c), 145.33(f), 145.43(c), 145.53(c), 145.73(c), and 145.83(c).)

(d) U.S. Sanitation Monitored. (See § 145.33(d).)

(e) U.S. M. Synoviae Clean. (See § 145.23(e), § 145.23(g), § 145.33(e), § 145.33(g), § 145.43(e), and § 145.53(d)).

(f) U.S. M. Meleagridis Clean - (See § 145.43(d)).

(g) U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean State. (See §§ 145.24(a), 145.34(a), 145.44(a), 145.54(a), and 145.94(a).)

(h) U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean State, Turkeys. (See § 145.44(b).)

(i) U.S.M. Gallisepticum Clean State, Turkeys. (See § 145.44(c).)

(j) U.S. M. Gallisepticum Clean State, Meat-Type Chickens. (See § 145.34(b).)

(k) U.S. Sanitation Monitored, Turkeys. (See § 145.43(f).)

Figure 12

(l) [Reserved]

(m) U.S. S. Enteritidis Clean. (See §§ 145.23(d), 145.73(d), and 145.83(e).)

(n) U.S. M. Synoviae Clean State, Turkeys. (See § 145.44(d).)

(o) U.S. Salmonella Monitored. (See §§ 145.53(f), 145.83(f), and 145.93(d).)

(p) U.S. M. Gallisepticum Monitored. (See § 145.33(j).)

(q) U.S. M. Synoviae Monitored. (See § 145.33(k).)

(r) U.S. Avian Influenza Clean. (See §§ 145.23(h), 145.33(l), 145.63(b), 145.73(f), and 145.83(g).)

(s) U.S. M. Meleagridis Clean State, Turkeys. (See § 145.44(e).)

(t) U.S. H5/H7 Avian Influenza Clean. (See §§ 145.43(g), 145.53(e), and 145.93(c).)

[38 FR 13706, May 24, 1973. Redesignated at 44 FR 61586, Oct. 26, 1979]
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