9 CFR § 145.12 - Inspections.

§ 145.12 Inspections.

(a) Each participating hatchery shall be audited at least one time annually or a sufficient number of times each year to satisfy the Official State Agency that the operations of the hatchery are in compliance with the provisions of the Plan.

(b) The records of all flocks maintained primarily for production of hatching eggs shall be made available to and examined annually by a State Inspector. Records shall include VS Form 9-2, “Flock Selecting and Testing Report”; VS Form 9-3, “Report of Sales of Hatching Eggs, Chicks, and Poults”; set and hatch records; egg receipts; and egg/chick orders or invoices. Records shall be maintained for 3 years. On-site inspections of flocks and premises will be conducted if the State Inspector determines that a breach of sanitation, blood testing, or other provisions has occurred for Plan programs for which the flocks have or are being qualified.

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