9 CFR § 147.46 - Committee consideration of proposed changes.

§ 147.46 Committee consideration of proposed changes.

(a) The following committees shall be established to give preliminary consideration to the proposed changes falling in their respective fields:

(1) Egg-type breeding chickens.

(2) Meat-type breeding chickens.

(3) Breeding turkeys.

(4) Breeding waterfowl, exhibition poultry, and game birds.

(5) Breeding ostriches, emus, rheas, and cassowaries.

(6) Egg-type commercial chickens.

(7) Meat-type commercial chickens.

(8) Meat-type commercial turkeys.

(9) Commercial upland game birds and waterfowl and raised-for-release upland game birds and waterfowl.

(b) Each official delegate shall be appointed a voting member in one of the committees specified in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Since several of the proposals may be interrelated, the committees shall consider them as they may relate to others, and feel free to discuss related proposals with other committees.

(d) The committees shall make recommendations to the conference as a whole concerning each proposal. The committee report shall show any proposed change in wording and the record of the vote on each proposal, and suggest an effective date for each proposal recommended for adoption. The individual committee reports shall be submitted to the chairman of the conference, who will combine them into one report showing, in numerical sequence, the committee recommendations on each proposal. Once completed, the combined committee report will be distributed electronically to the Official State Agencies prior to the delegates voting on the final day of the biennial conference.

(e) The committee meetings shall be open to any interested person. Advocates for or against any proposal should feel free to appear before the appropriate committee and present their views.

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