9 CFR § 3.108 - Employees or attendants.

§ 3.108 Employees or attendants.

(a) A sufficient number of adequately trained employees or attendants, responsible to management and working in concert with the attending veterinarian, must be utilized to maintain the prescribed level of husbandry practices set forth in this subpart. Such practices must be conducted under the supervision of a marine mammal caretaker who has demonstrable experience in marine mammal husbandry and care.

(b) The facility will provide and document participation in and successful completion of a facility training course for such employees. This training course will include, but is not limited to, species appropriate husbandry techniques, animal handling techniques, and information on proper reporting protocols, such as recordkeeping and notification of veterinary staff for medical concerns.

(c) Any training of marine mammals must be done by or under the direct supervision of experienced trainers.

(d) Trainers and handlers must meet professionally recognized standards for experience and training.

[66 FR 253, Jan. 3, 2001]