9 CFR § 310.17 - Inspection of mammary glands.

§ 310.17 Inspection of mammary glands.

(a) Lactating mammary glands and diseased mammary glands of cattle, sheep, swine, and goats shall be removed without opening the milk ducts or sinuses. If pus or other objectionable material is permitted to come in contact with the carcass, the parts of the carcass thus contaminated shall be removed and condemned.

(b) Nonlactating cow udders may be saved for food purposes provided suitable facilities for handling and inspecting them are provided. Examination of udders by palpation shall be done by a Program employee. When necessary, in the judgment of the Program employee for adequate inspection, the official establishment employees shall incise udders in sections no greater than 2 inches in thickness. All udders showing disease lesions shall be condemned by a Program employee. Each udder shall be properly identified with its respective carcass and kept separate and apart from other udders until its disposal has been accomplished in accordance with the provisions of part 311 of this subchapter.

(c) Lactating mammary glands of cattle, sheep, swine, and goats shall not be saved for edible purposes.

(d) The udders from cows officially designated as “Brucellosis reactors” or as “Mastitis elimination cows” shall be condemned.