9 CFR § 318.5 - Requirements concerning procedures.

§ 318.5 Requirements concerning procedures.


(1) Care shall be taken to assure that product is not adulterated when placed in freezers. If there is doubt as to the soundness of any frozen product, the inspector will require the defrosting and reinspection of a sufficient quantity thereof to determine its actual condition.

(2) Frozen product may be defrosted in water or pickle in a manner and with the use of facilities which are acceptable to the inspector. Before such product is defrosted, a careful examination shall be made to determine its condition. If necessary, this examination shall include defrosting of representative samples by means other than in water or pickle.

(b) Product, such as pork tenderloins, brains, sweetbreads, stew, or chop suey, shall not be packed in hermetically sealed metal or glass containers, unless subsequently heat processed or otherwise treated to preserve the product in a manner approved by the Administrator in specific cases.

(c) Care shall be taken to remove bones and parts of bones from product which is intended for chopping.

(d) Heads for use in the preparation of meat food products shall be split and the bodies of the teeth, the turbinated and ethmoid bones, ear tubes, and horn butts removed, and the heads then thoroughly cleaned.

(e) Kidneys for use in the preparation of meat food products shall first be freely sectioned and then thoroughly soaked and washed. All detached kidneys, including beef kidneys with detached kidney fat, shall be inspected before being used in or shipped from the official establishment.

(f) Cattle paunches and hog stomachs for use in the preparation of meat food products shall be thoroughly cleaned on all surfaces and parts immediately after being emptied of their contents, which shall follow promptly their removal from the carcasses.

(g) Clotted blood shall be removed from hog hearts before they are shipped from the official establishment or used in the preparation of meat food products.

(h) Beef rounds, beef bungs, beef middles, beef bladders, calf rounds, hog bungs, hog middles, and hog stomachs which are to be used as containers of any meat food product shall be presented for inspection, turned with the fat surface exposed.

(i) Portions of casings which show infection with Oesophagostomum or other nodule-producing parasite, and weasands infected with the larvae of Hypoderma lineatum, shall be rejected, except that when the infestation is slight and the nodules and larvae are removed, the casing or weasand may be passed.

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