9 CFR § 350.3 - Types and availability of service.

§ 350.3 Types and availability of service.

Upon application in accordance with § 350.5 the following types of service may be furnished under the regulations in this part:

(a) Identification service.

(1) Meat or other product that is federally inspected and passed at an official establishment, or upon importation, under the meat inspection laws, is officially marked to identify it as federally inspected and passed. In order to facilitate the division of such meat or other product into smaller portions or its combination into larger units and still maintain its identity as product which has been federally inspected and passed and so marked, inspectors may supervise the handling of the product and mark such portions or units with the marks of Federal inspection when they determine that the identity has been maintained.

(2) At the time service is furnished product must be sound, wholesome and fit for human food. The service will be available only on premises other than those of an official establishment. The sanitation of the plant or area where service is furnished must comply with applicable provisions of part 416, §§ 416.1 through 416.6 of this chapter.

(3) The mark of inspection shall be applied only under the immediate supervision of an inspector.

(4) The service will be available for products moved in tank cars and tank trucks from an official establishment or from a location operating under this service only if such tank cars or tank trucks bear a label before leaving such official establishment or such other location, in accordance with 9 CFR §§ 316.14 and 317.2.

(b) Certification service. At the request of a purchaser, supplier, exporter, or others, inspectors may make certification regarding livestock products for human food purposes (including casings), to be exported, as meeting conditions or standards that are not imposed or are in addition to those imposed by the regulations in parts 301 through 331 of this chapter and the laws under which such regulations were issued.

(c) Food inspection service. An inspection and certification service for wholesomeness relating to the manufacture of a food article may be furnished upon application. All applicable provisions of this chapter shall apply to the preparation, labeling and certification of the food article prepared under this food inspection service.

(d) [Reserved]

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