9 CFR § 354.122 - Condemnation on ante-mortem inspection.

§ 354.122 Condemnation on ante-mortem inspection.

Rabbits found in a dying condition on premises of an official plant shall be immediately destroyed and, together with any rabbits found dead on such premises, shall be disposed of in accordance with § 354.132. Rabbits plainly showing, on ante-mortem inspection, any disease or condition, that under §§ 354.129 to 354.131, inclusive, would cause condemnation of their carcasses on post-mortem inspection, shall be condemned. Rabbits which, on ante-mortem inspection, are condemned shall not be dressed, nor shall they be conveyed into any department of the plant where rabbit products are prepared or held. Rabbits which have been condemned on ante-mortem inspection and have been killed shall, under the supervision of an inspector of the Inspection Service, receive treatment as provided in § 354.132.

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