9 CFR § 354.63 - Marking inspected products.

§ 354.63 Marking inspected products.

(a) Wording and form of inspection mark. Except as otherwise authorized, the inspection mark permitted to be used with respect to inspected and certified edible products shall include wording as follows: “Inspected for Wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture.” This wording shall be contained within a circle in the form and arrangement shown in § 354.65. The appropriate plant number of the official plant shall be included in the circle unless it appears elsewhere on the packaging material. The Administrator may approve the use of abbreviations of such inspection mark, and such approved abbreviations shall have the same force and effect as the inspection mark. The inspection mark or approved abbreviation thereof, as the case may be, may be applied to the inspected and certified edible product or to the packaging material of such product. When the inspection mark, or the approved abbreviation thereof, is used on packaging material, it shall be printed on such material or on a label to be affixed to the packaging material and the name of the packer or distributor of such product shall be printed on the packaging material or label, as the case may be, except that on shipping containers and containers for institutional packs, the inspection marks may be stenciled on the container and, when the inspection mark is so stenciled, the name and address of the packer or distributor may be applied by the use of a stencil or a rubber stamp. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the name and address of the packer or distributor, if appropriately shown elsewhere on the packaging material, may be omitted from insert labels which bear an official identification if the applicable plant number is shown.

(b) Wording on labels. Each trade label to be approved for use pursuant to §§ 354.60 to 354.64 with respect to any inspected and certified edible product shall bear the true name of the edible product, the name and address of the packer or distributor thereof, and in prominent letters and figures of uniform size, the inspection mark, as aforesaid, and the label shall also bear, in such manner as may be prescribed or approved by the Administrator, the plant number, if any, of the official plant in which such product was inspected and certified. The class of the rabbits shall be shown on the label. The appropriate designation “young”, “mature”, or “old” may be used as a prefix to the word “rabbit” in lieu of the class name.

(c) Labels in foreign languages. Any trade label to be affixed to a container of any edible products for foreign commerce may be printed in a foreign language. However, the inspection mark shall appear on the label in English, but, in addition, may be literally translated into such foreign language. Each such trade label which is to be printed in a foreign language must be approved pursuant to §§ 354.60 to 354.64.

(d) Unauthorized use or disposition of approved labels.

(1) Labels approved for use pursuant to §§ 354.60 to 354.64 shall be used only for the purpose for which approved and shall not otherwise be disposed of from the plant for which approved except with written approval of the Administrator. Any unauthorized use or disposition of approved labels or labels bearing official identification may result in cancellation of the approval and denial of the use of labels bearing official identification or denial of the benefits of the Act pursuant to the provisions of § 354.60.

(2) The use of simulations or imitations of any official identification by any person is prohibited.

(e) Rescindment of approved labels. Once a year, or more often if requested, each applicant shall submit to the Administrator a list in triplicate of approved labels that have become obsolete, accompanied with a statement that such approvals are no longer desired. The approvals shall be identified by the date of approval and the name of product or other designation showing the class of material.

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