9 CFR § 381.95 - Disposal of condemned poultry products.

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§ 381.95 Disposal of condemned poultry products.

All condemned carcasses, or condemned parts of carcasses, or other condemned poultry products, except those condemned for biological residues shall be disposed of by one of the following methods, under the supervision of an inspector of the Inspection Service. (Facilities and materials for carrying out the requirements in this section shall be furnished by the official establishment.)

(a) Steam treatment (which shall be accomplished by processing the condemned product in a pressure tank under at least 40 pounds of steam pressure) or thorough cooking in a kettle or vat, for a sufficient time to effectively destroy the product for human food purposes and preclude dissemination of disease through consumption by animals. (Tanks and equipment used for this purpose or for rendering or preparing inedible products shall be in rooms or compartments separate from those used for the preparation of edible products. There shall be no direct connection by means of pipes, or otherwise, between tanks containing inedible products and those containing edible products.)

(b) Incineration or complete destruction by burning.

(c) Chemical denaturing, which shall be accomplished by the liberal application to all carcasses and parts thereof, of:

(1) Crude carbolic acid,

(2) Kerosene, fuel oil, or used crankcase oil, or

(3) Any phenolic disinfectant conforming to commercial standards CS 70-41 or CS 71-41 which shall be used in at least 2 percent emulsion or solution.

(d) Any other substance or method that the Administrator approves in specific cases, which will denature the poultry product to the extent necessary to accomplish the purposes of this section.

(e) Carcasses and parts of carcasses condemned for biological residue shall be disposed of in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section or by burying under the supervision of an inspector.