9 CFR § 51.9 - Claims not allowed.

§ 51.9 Claims not allowed.

Claims for compensation for animals destroyed because of brucellosis shall not be allowed if any of the following circumstances exist:

(a) If the claimant has failed to comply with any of the requirements of this part.

(b) If the existence of brucellosis in the animal was determined based on the results of an official test, as defined in § 78.1 of this chapter, and specific instructions for the administration of the official test had not previously been issued to the individual performing the test by APHIS and the State animal health official.

(c) If all cattle, bison, and swine eligible for testing in the claimant's herd have not been tested for brucellosis under APHIS or State supervision.

(d) If the animals are:

(1) Barrows or gilts maintained for feeding purposes; or

(2) Spayed heifers or steers, unless the steers are work oxen, or unless the spayed heifers or steers are unweaned animals in a herd approved for depopulation in accordance with § 51.3 of this part.

(e) If the animals are classified as reactors and are unofficial vaccinates, unless there is either a record of a negative official test made not less than 30 days following the date of unofficial vaccination or unless other APHIS approved tests show the unofficial vaccinates are affected with virulent Brucella.

(f) If there is substantial evidence that the owner or his agent has in any way been responsible for any unlawful or improper attempt to obtain indemnity funds for such animal.

(g) If, at the time of test or condemnation, the animals belonged to or were upon the premises of any person to whom they had been sold for slaughter; shipped for slaughter, or delivered for slaughter.

(h) If any known brucellosis reactor animal remains in the herd, unless, in the opinion of the Veterinarian in Charge, a reasonable search has been made for the brucellosis reactor animal and the brucellosis reactor animal could not be found and removed.

(i) If the animals are brucellosis reactor animals which are slaughtered other than as part of a herd depopulation, and which are from a herd: (1) That was already classified as a “herd known to be affected” at the time the animals were identified as brucellosis reactor animals and (2) for which an approved action plan or approved individual herd plan (as defined in § 78.1 of this chapter) was not in effect at the time the claim was filed.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0047)
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