9 CFR § 590.119 - Political activity.

§ 590.119 Political activity.
Link to an amendment published at 85 FR 68673, Oct. 29, 2020.
Link to an amendment published at 85 FR 68674, Oct. 29, 2020.

Inspectors are forbidden during the period of their respective appointments, or licenses, to take an active part in political management or in political campaigns. Political activity in city, county, State, or national elections, whether primary or regular, or in behalf of any party or candidate, except as authorized by law or regulation of the Department, is prohibited. This applies to all appointees, including but not being limited to temporary and cooperative employees and employees on leave of absence with or without pay. Willful violation of this section or § 590.120 will constitute grounds for dismissal in the case of appointees and revocation of licenses in the case of licensees.

[36 FR 9814, May 28, 1971, as amended at 42 FR 2971, Jan. 14, 1977. Redesignated at 42 FR 32514, June 27, 1977, and further redesignated at 46 FR 63203, Dec. 31, 1981]