9 CFR § 590.502 - Equipment and utensils; PCB-containing equipment.

§ 590.502 Equipment and utensils; PCB-containing equipment.
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(a) Equipment and utensils used in processing shell eggs and egg products shall be of such design, material, and construction as will:

(1) Enable the examination, segregation, and processing of such products in an efficient, clean, and satisfactory manner;

(2) Permit easy access to all parts to insure thorough cleaning and sanitizing. So far as is practicable, all such equipment shall be made of metal or other impervious material which will not affect the product by chemical action or physical contact.

(b) Except as authorized by the Administrator, in new or remodeled equipment and equipment installations, the equipment and installation shall comply with the applicable 3-A or E-3-A Sanitary Standards and accepted practices currently in effect for such equipment.

(c) New or replacement equipment or machinery (including any replacement parts) brought onto the premises of any official plant shall not contain liquid polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in concentrations above 50 parts per million by weight of the liquid medium. This provision applies to both food processing and nonfood processing equipment and machinery, and any replacement parts for such equipment and machinery. Totally enclosed capacitors containing less than 3 pounds of PCBs are exempted from this prohibition.

[36 FR 9814, May 28, 1971. Redesignated at 42 FR 32514, June 27, 1977, as amended at 45 FR 68919, Oct. 17, 1980. Redesignated at 46 FR 63203, Dec. 31, 1981, as amended at 60 FR 49170, Sept. 21, 1995]

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