9 CFR § 590.520 - Breaking room facilities.

§ 590.520 Breaking room facilities.
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(a) The breaking room shall have at least 30 foot-candles of light on all working surfaces except that light intensity shall be at least 50 foot-candles at breaking and inspection stations. Lights shall be protected with adequate safety devices.

(b) The surface of the ceiling and walls shall be smooth and made of a water-resistant material.

(c) The floor shall be of water-proof composition, reasonably free from cracks or rough surfaces, sloped for adequate drainage, and the intersections with walls and curbing shall be impervious to water.

(d) Ventilation shall provide for:

(1) A positive flow of outside filtered air through the room;

(2) Air of suitable working temperature during operations.

(e) There shall be provided adequate hand washing facilities which are easily accessible to all breaking personnel, an adequate supply of warm water, clean towels or other facilities for drying hands, odorless soap, and containers for used towels. Hand washing facilities shall be operated by other than hand operated controls.

(f) Containers for packaging egg products are not acceptable as liquid egg buckets.

(g) A suitable container conspicuously identified shall be provided for the disposal of rejected liquid.

(h) Strainers, filters, or centrifugal clarifiers of approved construction shall be provided for the effective removal of shell particles and foreign material, unless specific approval is obtained from the National Supervisor for other mechanical devices.

(i) A separate drawoff room with a filtered positive air ventilation system shall be provided for packaging liquid egg product, except product packaged by automatic, closed packaging systems.

[36 FR 9814, May 28, 1971, as amended at 37 FR 6659, Apr. 1, 1972. Redesignated at 42 FR 32514, June 27, 1977, and further redesignated at 46 FR 63203, Dec. 31, 1981]

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