9 CFR § 590.539 - Defrosting operations.

§ 590.539 Defrosting operations.
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(a) Frozen egg products which are to be defrosted shall be defrosted in a sanitary manner.

(b) Each container of frozen eggs shall be checked for condition and odor just prior to being emptied into the crusher or receiving tank. Frozen eggs which have objectionable odors and are unfit for human food (e.g., sour, musty, fermented, or decomposed odors) shall be denatured.

(c) Frozen whites to be used in the production of dried albumen may be defrosted at room temperature. All other whites shall be defrosted in accordance with paragraph (d) of this section.

(d) Frozen whole eggs, whites and yolks, and yolks may be tempered or partially defrosted for not to exceed 48 hours at a room temperature no higher than 40 °F. or not to exceed 24 hours at a room temperature above 40 °F.: Provided, That no portion of the defrosted liquid shall exceed 50 °F. while in or out of the container.

(1) Frozen eggs packed in metal or plastic containers may be placed in running tap water (70 F° or lower) without submersion to speed defrosting.

(2) The defrosted liquid shall be held at 40 °F. or less, except for product to be pasteurized or stabilized by glucose removal as provided in § 590.530. Defrosted liquid shall not be held more than 16 hours prior to processing or drying.

(e) Sanitary methods shall be used in handling containers and removing egg product.

(f) Crushers and other equipment used in defrosting operations shall be dismantled at the end of each shift and shall be washed, rinsed, and sanitized.

(1) Where crushers are used intermittently, they shall be flushed after each use and again before being placed in use.

(2) Floors and work tables shall be kept clean.

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