9 CFR § 590.548 - Drying, blending, packaging, and heat treatment rooms and facilities.

§ 590.548 Drying, blending, packaging, and heat treatment rooms and facilities.
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(a) General. Processing rooms shall be maintained in a clean condition and free of flies, insects, and rodents. The drying, blending, and packaging rooms shall be well-lighted and have ceilings and walls of a tile surface, enamel paint, or other water-resistant material.

(1) The floors shall be free from cracks or rough surfaces where water or dirt could accumulate.

(2) The intersections of the walls and floors shall be impervious to water and the floor shall be sloped for adequate drainage.

(3) Metal storage racks or cabinets shall be provided for storing of tools and accessories.

(b) Dry blending of edible egg products, including adding edible dry ingredients, and/or packaging of spray-dried products shall be done in a room separate from other processing operations. Dry blending may also be done in other areas: Provided, That it is accomplished in an approved closed blending system.

(1) Blending and packaging rooms for pasteurized products shall be provided with an adequate positive flow of approved outside filtered air.

(2) Blending and packaging equipment and accessories which come into contact with the dried product shall be of an approved construction without open seams and of materials that can be kept clean and which will have no deleterious effect on the product. Service tables shall be of approved metal construction without open seams and surfaces shall be smooth to permit thorough cleaning.

(3) Package liners shall be inserted in a sanitary manner, and equipment and supplies used in the operation shall be kept off the floor.

(4) Utensils used in packaging dried eggs shall be kept clean at all times and whenever contaminated shall be cleaned and sanitized. When not in use, scoops, brushes, tampers, and other similar equipment shall be stored in sanitary cabinets or racks provided for this purpose.

(5) Automatic container fillers shall be of a type that will accurately fill given quantities of product into the containers. Scales shall be provided to accurately check the weight of the filled containers. All equipment used in mechanically packaging dried egg products shall be vacuum cleaned daily.

(c) The heat treatment room shall be of an approved construction and be maintained in a clean condition. The room or rooms shall be of sufficient size so that product to be heat treated can be so spaced to assure adequate heat and air circulation. The room shall have an adequate heat supply and a continuous air circulation system.

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