9 CFR § 590.640 - Application for exemption; approval.

§ 590.640 Application for exemption; approval.
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Any person desiring to process egg products pursuant to the exemption provision of the Act and these regulations must receive approval of such plant, facilities, and operating procedures as an exempted plant. An application for exemption shall be according to the following:

(a) Initial survey. When an application for exemption of a plant has been filed, a Supervisory Egg Products Inspector will make a survey and inspection of the premises and plant to determine if the facilities, methods of operation, and eggs received or used therein are suitable and adequate in accordance with:

(1) Section 590.610; and

(2) Such other administrative instructions as may be issued, from time to time, by the Service and which are in effect at the time of the aforesaid survey and inspection.

(b) Final survey and exemption approval. Upon notification by the applicant for exemption that all the criteria for exemption required in § 590.610 are in effect and an initial survey has been performed, the applicant shall:

(1) Submit drawings and specifications in accordance with the same requirements as official plants as specified in § 590.146(b);

(2) Submit labels for approval as specified in § 590.680;

(3) Request a final survey be made by a Supervisory Egg Products Inspector to determine if the plant is constructed and the facilities are installed in accordance with the approved drawings and these regulations.

(c) The plant will be approved for exemption only when all the requirements of this section have been met.

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