9 CFR § 590.925 - Inspection of egg products offered for entry.

§ 590.925 Inspection of egg products offered for entry.


(1) Except as provided in §§ 590.960 and 590.965 and paragraph (b) of this section, egg products offered for entry from any foreign country must be reinspected at an official import inspection establishment or official plant by inspection program personnel before they may be allowed entry into the United States.

(2) Every lot of product must routinely be given visual reinspection by inspection program personnel for appearance and condition and be checked for certification and label compliance as provided in §§ 590.915, 590.950, and 590.955.

(3) Inspection program personnel must consult the electronic inspection system for reinspection instructions. The electronic inspection system will assign reinspection levels and procedures based on established sampling plans and established product and plant history.

(b) Inspection program personnel may take, without cost to the United States, from each consignment of egg product offered for entry, such samples of the products as are deemed necessary to determine the eligibility of the products for entry into commerce of the United States.