9 CFR 592.330 - Unauthorized use or disposition of approved labels.

§ 592.330 Unauthorized use or disposition of approved labels.

(a) Containers or labels that bear official identification approved for use pursuant to § 592.300 shall be used only for the purpose for which approved. Any unauthorized use or disposition of approved containers or labels that bear any official identification may result in cancellation of the approval and denial of the use of containers or labels bearing official identification or denial of the benefits of the Act pursuant to the provisions of § 592.200;

(b) The use of simulations or imitations of any official identification by any person is prohibited;

(c) Upon termination of inspection service in an official plant pursuant to the regulations in this part, all labels or packaging material bearing official identification to be used to identify product packed by the plant shall either be destroyed, or have the official identification completely obliterated under the supervision of a USDA representative, or, if to be used at another location, modified in a manner acceptable to the Agency.