9 CFR 73.5 - Interstate shipment of undiseased cattle from quarantined area; when permitted.

§ 73.5 Interstate shipment of undiseased cattle from quarantined area; when permitted.

Cattle of any herd in any quarantined area, which herd is not diseased with scabies, may be shipped, transported, or otherwise moved interstate for any purpose upon inspection by an APHIS or State inspector within 10 days prior to the date of shipment and when accompanied by a certificate from such inspector showing the cattle to be free from such disease or exposure thereto. When it is determined by the Administrator that all cattle of all herds in any quarantined area have been inspected for scabies by an APHIS or State inspector, that all the infected or exposed herds have been identified, and that all the infected herds have been dipped twice, and all the exposed herds have been dipped in a permitted dip as prescribed in § 73.10, under supervision of an APHIS or APHIS-approved inspector, cattle of herds in such area which are not diseased with or exposed to scabies may be moved interstate in accordance with this section, without further APHIS inspection or certification, directly to a slaughtering plant where Federal Meat Inspection is maintained: Provided further, that treatment with ivermectin may be used in lieu of dipping for a herd of cattle treated together if the herd is physically separated for 14 days following treatment from all cattle not a part of the herd treated together with ivermectin. Information may be obtained from an APHIS inspector whether a determination as required by this section is currently applicable to authorize such movement. Cattle moved interstate under this section shall not be diverted en route and must be accompanied by a waybill or similar document, or a statement signed by the owner or shipper of the cattle, stating: (a) That the cattle are not known to be infected with scabies or exposed thereto; (b) [Reserved]; (c) the purpose for which the cattle are to be moved; (d) the number of the cattle; (e) the point from which the cattle are to be moved interstate; (f) that the cattle shall not be diverted en route; and (g) the name and address of the owner or shipper of the cattle.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0051)
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