9 CFR § 73.8 - Cattle infected or exposed during transit.

§ 73.8 Cattle infected or exposed during transit.

(a) Healthy cattle from unquarantined State exposed en route. Should healthy cattle in transit from a State not quarantined by the Secretary of Agriculture for scabies in cattle be unloaded en route and placed in infectious premises, they shall be treated as exposed cattle, and their further movement shall be subject to the provisions of this part with respect to the movement of exposed cattle.

(b) Interstate shipments of cattle under APHIS or State certificate found affected or exposed en route. Cattle shipped interstate under a certificate from an APHIS inspector or State inspector or other cattle which are found en route to be affected with scabies or to have been exposed thereto, shall thereafter be handled in the same manner as diseased or exposed cattle are required by this part to be handled, and the means of conveyance and the chutes, alleys, and pens which have been occupied by diseased animals shall be cleaned and disinfected as provided in §§ 71.4 through 71.11 of this subchapter.

[28 FR 5945, June 13, 1963, as amended at 41 FR 5384, Feb. 6, 1976; 56 FR 52463, Oct. 21, 1991]