9 CFR § 78.14 - Rodeo cattle.

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§ 78.14 Rodeo cattle.

(a) Rodeo cattle that are test-eligible and that are from a herd not known to be affected may be moved interstate if:

(1) They are classified as brucellosis negative based upon an official test conducted less than 365 days before the date of interstate movement: Provided, however,That: The official test is not required for rodeo cattle that are moved only between Class Free States;

(2) The cattle are identified with an official eartag or any other official identification device or method approved by the Administrator in accordance with § 78.5;

(3) There is no change of ownership since the date of the last official test;

(4) An ICVI accompanies each interstate movement of the cattle; and

(5) A permit for entry is issued for each interstate movement of the cattle.

(b) Cattle that would qualify as rodeo cattle, but that are used for breeding purposes during the 365 days following the date of being tested, may be moved interstate only if they meet the requirements for cattle in this subpart and in 9 CFR part 86.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0047)
[78 FR 2070, Jan. 9, 2013]