9 CFR 95.11 - Bones, horns, and hoofs for trophies or museums; disinfected hoofs.

§ 95.11 Bones, horns, and hoofs for trophies or museums; disinfected hoofs.
(a) Clean, dry bones, horns, and hoofs, that are free from undried pieces of hide, flesh, and sinew and are offered for entry as trophies or for consignment to museums may be imported without other restrictions.
(b) Clean, dry hoofs disinfected in the region of origin may be imported without other restrictions if the following conditions are met:
(1) The hoofs have been disinfected using one of the following methods:
(i) Dry heat at 180 °F (82.2 °C) for 30 minutes;
(ii) Soaking in boiling water for 20 minutes;
(iii) Soaking in a 0.1 percent chlorine bleach solution for 2 hours;
(iv) Soaking in a 5 percent acetic acid solution for 2 hours; or
(v) Soaking in a 5 percent hydrogen peroxide solution for 2 hours.
(2) The hoofs are accompanied by a certificate issued by the national government of the region of origin and signed by an official veterinary inspector of that region stating that the hoofs have been disinfected and describing the manner in which the disinfection was accomplished.
[28 FR 5981, June 13, 1963, as amended at 59 FR 9400, Feb. 28, 1994; 62 FR 56024, Oct. 28, 1997]
§ 95.11, Nt.
Effective Date Note:
At 78 FR 73003, Dec. 4, 2013, § 95.11 was redesignated as § 95.22 and a new § 95.11 was added, effective Mar. 4, 2014. For the convenience of the user, the added text is set forth as follows:
§ 95.11 Specified risk materials.
Notwithstanding any other provisions of this part, the importation of specified risk materials from controlled-risk regions or undetermined-risk regions for BSE, and any commodities containing such materials, is prohibited, unless the Administrator determines that the materials or other commodities will not come into contact with ruminants in the United States and can be imported under conditions that will prevent the introduction of BSE into the United States, and the person importing the materials or other commodities has obtained a United States Veterinary Permit for Importation and Transportation of Controlled Materials and Organisms and Vectors. To apply for a permit, file a permit application on VS Form 16-3 (available from APHIS, Veterinary Services, National Center for Import and Export, 4700 River Road Unit 38, Riverdale, MD 20737-1231, or electronically at http://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_health/permits/ ). The application for such a permit must state the intended use of the materials and other commodities and the name and address of the consignee in the United States.

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